NGM Enterprise is your IT department, at our office.
Responsive IT pros ready when you need them.

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Layperson Friendly

Layperson Friendly

You don’t need to know your bits from bytes to have dependable infrastructure. You simply tell us what you want to accomplish and we make it happen. It is our job to understand your business, not yours to understand ours.

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What we offer

Comprehensive IT Support

Web Design and Hosting

Hosted Exchange Email

Online Backup

Cryptocurrency Miners



NGM Enterprise supports your business. We are the IT department for those that don’t have IT departments. NGM Enterprise designs, implements, and maintains your infrastructure from single computers to 100+ user networks with everything that comes with it: servers, printers, tablets, firewalls, remote access, VPN, VOIP, mobile phones and more. We will even sit on the phone with your mobile carrier so you don’t have to. Have some obscure software that nobody has heard of? We will learn it. We are an extension of your business.

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Law Firms

Law Firms

The majority of our clients are law firms. Word of mouth is the best kind of advertising and it has served us well.

We are attuned to the needs of Toronto’s small firms. NGM Enterprise understands that these types of clients
face the kinds of deadlines that many other businesses do not and we know what the Law Society of (Upper Canada) Ontario requires when it comes to security and redundancy, and we know our way around PCLaw.

Today could be the last day you struggle to play an obscurely formatted video sloppily buried in a disclosure that arrived two days too late.

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$80 per computer per month for unlimited support. $200 per server.
4 computer minimum.

Unlimited service.

No need to save up the small things to maximize your time.
Have a problem? Question? A real human will answer your call.

Not quite 4 computers yet? $125 per hour.

Help is just a click away

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We are ready when you are.

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